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My Writings: LAMENT FOR AMERICA – 2012

(Margie LaRoche, Nov 9)

 Lady Liberty, hang your head

so we can’t see the tears you shed!

Spirit of Freedom, broken spirit,

you speak to us still,

but some don’t hear it.

How did America lose her way?

When did her values fail to hold sway?

We were always “One Nation Under God”—

our forefathers consecrated our sod

and formed a union strong and pure,

certain that it would endure. . .

two-hundred thirty-six years have passed—

and our forefathers would be aghast!

A far cry, indeed, from their intention

is today’s America—and her “re-invention”.

In the Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free,

most of us never imagined we’d see

the UN-United States of today:

divided, combative, in disarray.

“Right and wrong” is considered passé;

everything now is just “shades of gray”.

“In God We Trust” has been rejected—

“To Thine Own SELF Be True” is more respected.

“SELF” is “God” now and there are no rules—

The Ten Commandments?—for pious fools!!

Christians are the last group in the nation

against which all discrimination

is not only OK, but a national sport—

who would have once foreseen this sort?

Bashing them is always defended

and movies that do it are well attended.

Christians are despised and their values mocked,

but of all other lifestyles,

none are shocked.

“Everyone’s OK!  Everything’s fine!—

You do your thing, and I’ll do mine!!”

America’s joblessness continues to soar

but no need to worry about work anymore:

just ride the gravy train rolling through—

everything will be provided for you!

Why should you strive

by the sweat or your brow

and work long hours anyhow?

Let the “wealthy” carry your load—

they owe it to you to share their dough!


They need to spread the wealth and care!—

It’s only fair you get your share!

Here you have the “new mentality”—

never mind the fiscal reality!:

“Why should they have all that stuff

when I am having it so rough?!

They went to school much longer than me—

it’s true I don’t have no degree

and had to drop out and have kid—

but nothing worse than others did!!

I have rights to have stuff and it should be free—

I can’t afford it—so just give it to me!

Why are you selfish, you Capitalist pig!

I’m the “Little Guy” and you’re “Mr. Big”!

It’s time you got thrown under the bus—

and President Obama agrees with US!”

---As if all this weren’t bad enough,

prepare for the going to get real rough!

Guess some think “liberty” means “license”, and so—

brace for us to sink to a new National low:

The sexual union of one female to another

is somehow acceptable,

as are kids with “two mothers”.

Likewise, two men can marry, too—

if it makes you uncomfortable, well,

“WHO are YOU--?!”

We call it their “right”—

it just seems “inclusive”—

to question this would be “intrusive”!

Don’t say a word, don’t quibble, don’t riot!

Sit down, shut up and just be quiet!!

And as for abortion, that’s “a woman’s choice”.

Never mind the innocent has no voice!

Who cares about the child if it’s just in the way?

Let the woman alone have her way!

No one can tell her what to do!

The father’s rights are ignored, too.

She, alone, can do whatever she will—

and taxpayers are forced to pay the bill!

Parent’s rights are from days of old—

if their girl gets an abortion, they’ll never be told.

School authorities now will help her well—

they’ll keep her secret and never tell!

Permission is required, though, for the school field trip—

if you want her to go,

better sign that slip!


No one will ask you if your son can have condoms—

they’re free, and available from school

if he wants them.

Speaking of schools, they’re failing our kids,

they’re ‘way overcrowded and on the skids,

but liberals (“progressives”) are on a mission:

so now illegals  pay “in-state” tuition.

No one insists they do anything for this,

and if you want them to,

then you’re “a racist”!

Our borders are porous as a piece of gauze;

we’re inundated with those who don’t respect our laws.

Once they are here, they’ll be set for life.

Our government will ensure they are free from strife.

Guess you heard Obamacare is coming--

that sound you hear is the sound of drumming

of millions of feet added to the rolls—

you’ll soon find out “for whom the bell tolls”!

Less care for all, and longer waits,too

Ask not for whom the bell tolls—

it tolls for you!

It tolls for you

and it tolls for me—


and it’s not the Bells of Freedom

for we are no longer free.

Tyranny and Marxism have tarnished our glory

and it’s just beginning to rewrite the story

of our once great Nation,

the USA,

Hope of the world until today!

God bless our military,

best in the world,

and God help them as changes

are now unfurled—

changes and cutbacks to weaken our position

and lead us all down the road to perdition!

We can hear our enemies sharpen their knives

and rejoice over the loss of American lives.

No one is prepared for what is ahead;

let us brace for the worst, with a sense of dread.

May God be with us as we all adjust

to the “New America”—

and have faith, as we must!

Let those of us who still believe in prayer

and say the name of God

like we still care,

work to preserve our Constitution

and way of life

and never, ever, give up the fight!

Lady Liberty is still standing, though ready to fall—

True Americans stand by her still, after all.

We must dry our tears and roll up our sleeves

and act as if one still believes

that good can triumph over all,

even when our backs are against the wall!

Let us work together, through education

of the young ones of our nation;

Let those who know our history best

teach it and share it with the rest.

Only through knowledge and right information

can we hope to enlighten the young generations

of future voters who must save what is left.

Let us begin, though we feel bereft.

Let us change our course before it’s too late,

and we’ll make America once again great!


Margie LaRoche – all rights reserved

November 9, 2012